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When it comes to the work we do, we believe in doing it once and doing it right. That’s why we only employ highly skilled, dedicated electricians and only use quality products from Australian wholesalers and install them to the highest standard possible.

We understand that true quality lasts, so the only time you’ll ever see us again is if you engage us for a new project.

Our director, Chris McKenna, has worked all over Australia across many sectors ranging from domestic, commercial, mining and oil and gas.

Working as the quality assurance and quality control technician on large scale oil & gas projects helped Chris realise that exceptionally high standards for workmanship and installation are what sets a company like Symbient apart from the rest.

A desire to bring this professional, industry standard quality to the domestic electrical services market is what drives Chris and the whole Symbient team. That’s why we always strive to offer a level of service and workmanship that is a cut above what’s available elsewhere.


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